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A Beautiful Addition to Any Home

stone fireplaces

Stone fireplaces are an attractive addition to any home. They can add that special touch, complementing your beautiful stone fireplace hearth and matching your beautiful stone fireplace. It gives you the opportunity to add a hearth surround that will not only increase the beauty of your stone fireplace but also enhance the decor of the entire room. If you have an old-fashioned chimney, then a chimney insert is an ideal way to blend the charm of the past with the convenience of today’s technology. You will love how easy it is to insert the chimney and what a difference it will make for your fireplace, not to mention how much more pleasant it will be not to be smokey or creosote filled.


Stone fireplaces are a perfect addition to a modern home. They offer the beauty of a chimney, but without the complexity of brick chimneys or the expense of wood burning fireplaces. They can be made of many different materials including slate, limestone, marble, granite, sandstone and flagstone, to name a few. Because the stone used is so hard and sturdy, these fireplaces often require professional installation. You may want to hire a contractor to install the chimney and other stone features if you want to avoid any future labor costs associated with these types of fireplaces.


Stone fireplaces are built to resist high temperatures and high humidity. If you have pets, be sure that they are properly cased in safety enclosures before using them. There are also chimney liners available that will help protect your stone fireplace from damage by wood smoke and carbon monoxide. Stone fireplaces are a beautiful addition to any home. When built properly, they will last for generations to come.

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