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Transportable Accommodation

transportable accommodation

There are many different types of transportable accommodation available on the market today, and it is no wonder as there are a huge number of travellers visiting different destinations. Whether you are looking for caravan holiday homes or simply want to rent a hammock in the Caribbean, there are plenty of options available to suit every budget. The one downside of renting out a hotel or bed and breakfast is that they can be very expensive and if you are planning to stay for a longer period of time, the extra money you spend could be better spent on food and drinks! Fortunately there are a number of companies who specialise in transportable accommodation and who can provide you with everything you need at a price suitable to your budget.

Transportable Accommodation

One such company is BackPacker who have a great range of self-catering cottages and camping equipment to keep everyone happy. They offer everything from mattresses to TV’s and DVD players, so you won’t be left without anything to occupy your time when you are enjoying your time off. Another great aspect of staying in a cottage is that you can cook your own meals and bring your own cooked food into the tent or caravan, whereas many hotels will ask that you take everything back inside at the end of your holiday. This means that you save money and can still have all the comforts and facilities you need!

BackPacker is also the leading supplier of portable houses and camping grounds, and they are great for both short term and long term rentals. Many people choose these sites because they are closer to the cities and easier to get to from central London. With their free online car hire service, you can book your holiday online and then choose where you would like to stay, whether it is close to central London or somewhere slightly further out. Once you have booked, you can arrange your van and driver to pick you up from the airport, or you can choose a convenient location closer to your home or work which offers a more relaxing and intimate setting. As well as offering luxurious surroundings, many of the sites also provide many extra amenities including showers, Wi-Fi, televisions and more!

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