Condominium Management Fees: The five W’s along with a How

Management fees are usually in the top 5 of the highest expenses in just a Condominium Corporation’s yearly budget. As volunteers on the Board, you each have your very own private expertise, but call for the help of an experienced manager to guide the decisions of yours, guide of your respective regulatory responsibilities and deal with the day duties of administering the company of the property of yours.

Who sets management charges? Like every business, condominium control is a naturally competitive area. Management companies are going to set the charges (often this’s done on the “per door” basis), but its extremely crucial to realize what’s provided in the cost quoted and more notably, what’s not included.

What do charges include? Be VERY careful in researching this particular aspect – unfortunately you might not, or perhaps worse, sometimes may, get just what you buy.


– The very first consideration should be not just the company’s expertise, but that of the staff member given to the property of yours as Manager – regularly, you are going to find companies with lower costs since they employ management professionals and “train” them being managers – you’ll need even more than you are having to pay for in this scenario in case you are concerned about the investment of yours.

– Another situation concerning lower fees involves “buying” the business of yours – the very first year contract is going to be at the low end of the industry, but significant increases is going to be applied annually after that (while it might look like a cost cutting measure to perform this the very first year after which change to another business, you’ll create no end of considerable cost and grief by always changing managers).

– The final scenario will involve a low monthly payment quoted in the beginning, but outstanding extra fees incurred after the agreement is signed – typically, these’re not itemized – you’ll just see a huge selection of dollars in extra administrative expenses on your financial statement every month. If when you receive a description of these expenses, it’s frequently a vague reply, citing photocopying, land titles expenses, courier costs, etcetera. While these’re legitimate charges – make certain they’re itemized, with duplicates of invoices or perhaps details attached. This practice is going to cost you many a huge number of dollars more over the long term than a somewhat higher fee from another organization with realistic monthly charges and transparent invoicing.

Where will we notice advantages of our management costs? You are going to see the advantages of employing a reputable, ethical expert in the home values of yours. Thorough, correct financial and legislated record keeping; focus on typical maintenance as well as replacing issues; enforcement of bylaws and also a suitable reserve fund is well worth much more to present day savvy customers who commonly hire experts to go through the Corporation’s matters in information, just before buying a device in the property of yours.

When should we be worried about costs? Obviously, lower costs must set off several alarms; alternatively, higher charges must be totally justified. The rule in any tendering procedure is usually to throw out probably the lowest and the highest – exactly where all elements are equal, this’s the easiest method. Just make sure you seem really strongly in comparing critical practices, terms, and services and qualifications including experience, consistency and timely, regular communication.

Precisely why must we study a variety of costs? Often higher end or perhaps, the “good” makers, offer flexible service contracts – in case you’ve a twelve unit property – you might just need support on a consulting schedule or perhaps maybe partial management services. At the opposite end of the machine, a 400 unit high rise with older bylaws, unique assessments as well as numerous insurance claims, may choose an all inclusive, comprehensive full service contract. Thoroughly examine the solutions suggested for the cost quoted as well as consider the needs of yours – do not pay for what you do not need and be sure that what you need is provided without priced as another – surprises in this regard are not pleasant.

How can we make good sense of the charges? ASK the questions and be certain you get a satisfactory solution before you move ahead. It is always wise to obtain information in writing and in case you are unsure about what you should ask; talk to friends, family, co-workers or perhaps consult with the regional professional business or even an industry advocate to get some good ideas. Make certain you are at ease with a) the services provided, b) the obvious knowledge, skill and experience of the individual appointed to the property of yours not to mention, c) with all the charges suggested in relation to value for the money of yours.

Keep in mind that condominium management isn’t a creative process – presently there are some really set, critical responsibilities that should be done by every manager. What you should think about, will be the level of knowledge, bunch of experience, accessibility, commitment and professionalism which allows you being comfortable in believing the direction and help you will be having to pay for.

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