Fort Wort Appliance Repair

At Fort Wort Appliance Repair we provides you a full range of Installation, Repair and Maintenance services for all appliances and heating/cooling systems to all of the communities in and around Miami. Call Us for an immediately service or Setup an Online Appointment for your Convenience Is your refrigerator not running or is not cold enough freezing the food, runs all the time …


We service all types and brands of appliances, and there is never an overtime charge. Our knowledgeable service technicians will take time with you to explain the nature of any problem and provide valuable information needed for customers to make the best choice for repair or replacement of equipment. Our standard is excellence and our goal is complete customer satisfaction.
Even when the unit is unplugged, avoid disturbing the insulation or bending the fan blades, which could damage the fan. If your pets shed, do this four times a year. Test the door gasket. A leaky gasket wastes energy and shortens the life of the compressor. Close the refrigerator door on a dollar bill at various places along the door, and pull lightly. If the bill does budge, replace the gasket (about $60).

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