Google Suggests Creates Keyword Competition for Law Firms

Earlier this week, Google launched the Google Suggests Beta, a tool that aims to predict, refine, and even steer you towards relative search terms in your query.


There are two ways to look at this. The first is through the eyes of Joe Arbitrary Searcher. More than likely, Joe will find this as a useful utility because, quite frankly, your average searcher simply isn’t very refined. He’s happy to have the help.

The other way to look at this is through the eyes of you, a law firm attorney looking to generate business from Google. This is where Google Suggests gets less cool and less useful. What Google has effectively produced is a system that, while useful to most searchers, now acts as a traffic cop to the millions of searches done every day. The distribution of search terms is now inefficient from a natural relevancy perspective.

Furthermore, let’s say Google Searchers are moved like cattle to whatever Google Suggests suggests rather than where they’d naturally end up. You now have Google manipulating their own Adwords/Adsense PPC and CPC business. You think the rates for those keyphrases above just didn’t become a little more expensive overnight?

In the end, you have a utility that looks like it increases relevance to Google users while effectively generating more money for Google through Adwords. It’s a win on perception and a win on the bottom line for them. For our clients, it changes the whole ballgame and when selecting a search engine marketer for your law firm, be very leery of a firm not taking this into consideration for the future of your law firm’s business.

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