I was trained as a typesetter/typographer when everything was set in metal; monotype and linotype were the standards when I first learned my trade, though that is not what I do by trade these days | Nevertheless, it certainly influences my perspectives on design and composition for my website, the blog I maintain, even how I look at the world in general | In a sense, this site is also yet another natural progression from hot type, where I first started in graphics | With the training came a philosophical perspective that printers, in particular, were responsible for the transfer of ideas from one person to another and had an obligation to gather and disseminate information to the populace at large |
I’m talking about an approach to information sharing quite unlike the propgandist approaches you find at places like FOX or Sinclair Media | These are two examples of [more blatent thant others but they are not alone] information manipulators, with nary an interest in fostering critical thinking or fostering the spread of knowledge | And it is this, expanding our collective knowledge base, encouraging human growth and consciousness, that my efforts are hopefully intended to spur amongst others |
Nowadays the equipment is a lot easier to handle, but the subject matter still as weighty as then …and printers ~dispensers of information and ideas~ still have every much as a responsibility as ever | It’s regrettable that so few entrusted with this charge live up to it. But we can start now


It may not be any surprise that I have my own points of view and biases as well | These shape the content of my mental wanderings, even, perhaps, the direction | So it may be helpful to get some idea on what things you’ll find while traveling this site | Therefore I submit the following: you find perspectives on:

  • human rights
  • environmental concerns
  • life as a visual artist
  • 21st century feudalism
  • progressive politics
  • aboriginal culture
  • new urbanism
  • permaculture
  • sustainable technology
  • non-traditional families
  • achievable utopias


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