How to improve your carpets overall look

Most importantly I carry out various tests to determine the best methods to use on your particular carpet including, fibre type, colour fastness, condition, how the carpets fixed etc

If all is ok a thorough dry vac of your carpet is used to remove dry soiling, a professional quality vacuum cleaner is used for this task. 

Then any spots and stains are dealt with using Eco friendly spotters, if required I can re treat any stubborn stains later

Now I pre spray the carpet with Eco friendly detergent and agitate the carpet fibres to help activate the detergent

After leaving the detergent for around 15 minutes or so a hot water extraction machine is used to both rinse & vacuum the carpet any stains left at this stage will be re treated but no promises can be made regarding complete removal,see spots & stains for details.  

Finally the carpet is brushed to finish.  

Because of the powerful vacuums in the HWE machine & techniques used the carpet should dry within 2 to 3 hours with adequate ventilation but if required at an extra cost I can use a carefully placed air mover to speed up the drying process further and this is the best way on how to improve your carpets overall look



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