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Have you had a friend or relative that has had problems claiming roofing insurance?  This is a common problem among homeowners all across the United States; people who pay for homeowners insurance and yet are denied the help they need when they have a roof that is caving in on them.  This is a frustrating predicament that can be difficult to solve.

Our Indian Train NC Roofing Team has had basically two scenarios.  I’ll start with the worst.  A family who lives in a two story home has had a variety of different things happen to their home over the last decade.  Heavy wind storms have torn off shingles, rain has pooled under the shingles as a result of heavy windstorms that came before it, eroded the roof, and caused some serious damage.  Now the roof leaks in several places and the family just found out that the leaks occurring in the roof have been going on for years but they never knew about it.  So mold exists in the attic and the mold spores are potentially dangerous for their children.  They have contacted the insurance company, but the company claims that it is the families lack of general, expected maintenance to the roof that has caused the said problems and will not pay for the repair or replacement—as if the family had no claim on roofing insurance.  They are left to pay thousands of dollars that they don’t have to repair the roof before it collapses or does any further damage inside the home.


Another family had much the same situation.  A heavy windstorm ripped through Ohio, tearing off shingles of this families’ roof.  After the windstorm, the rain came pouring down and weaseled its way under remaining shingles, into cracks and started leaks into the attic of the home. The following day the father got on top of the roof to inspect the damage he suspected had been done.  Upon finding many missing shingles and some wet roofing paper where the shingles were, he called us.  Our Indian Train NC, Roofing employees came out to the home the same day and documented all of the damage.  The family was able to quickly make a claim with the professionally documented paperwork that our roofers put together and the insurance agency paid for every last repair and all the damage that had been done.  We were able to supply this family with quality roof repairs, restrengthen the structure of the attic and the roof, the insurance company covered damaged materials inside the attic as well as paid to have a wall repainted inside the home that was damaged as a result of the storms.

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