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The T3 boxing gloves are fighters’ preferred pair sold by Hayabusa. Here’s the reason:

Above all else, the wrist has an excellent measure of help from the licensed Duel-X wrist close. These gloves additionally give you the best in ergonomic arrangement to help counteract damage and benefit as much as possible from each punch. They’re all around adjusted and furthermore include a 5-layer froth complex, 4x supporting, and an antimicrobial covering, which helps keep your hands dry.

These gloves are not massive at all and the surface material is amazingly tough. In spite of the fact that they are extraordinary, “all around gloves,”, because of their minimized cushioning we would prescribe to utilize them for cushions or sack work. Peruse the full review >>



Warriors have set the Ring to Cage C17 at #3 on our rundown. What’s more, I can get why.

R2C was extremely effective in making a progressively moderate Winning option. The general execution and configuration genuinely adversary Winning all things considered for a large portion of the cost.

It’s typically hard to discover a couple of gloves that work splendidly for the sack and fighting. Pack gloves will in general give significantly less cushioning and competing gloves will in general be too enormous to rehearse on the canvas. Be that as it may, the R2C C17 gloves feel incredible for both.

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