Commercial refrigeration guide

Commercial refrigeration guide has more than 25 years of experience maintaining and repairing commercial and industrial refrigeration systems and units. Below is a story illustrating our approach to a customers’ dilemmas, and how we address unique refrigeration needs.

Many years ago, we received a call from a local pharmaceutical company to quote the installation of a Sushi display case in their employee cafeteria. Sushi contains raw fish amongst other food stuffs and the final product must be maintained at 30°F or lower.

There was a single deck display case currently installed where the new Sushi case was to go. It was designed to operate at 35°F with multiple defrosts throughout the day. This configuration wouldn’t work for displaying sushi.

Unfortunately, there weren’t any manufacturers that had a case to fit this existing footprint either. We offered to engineer the existing case refrigeration system to maintain the required Sushi product display temperature. The freeze point of fish is typically 28°F. The air screen temperature would need to be about 25-26°F.

We replaced the 3 fan assemblies (16 watt motors w/ 5 blade fans) with larger EBM Pabst Fans featuring 3500 RPM motors and 8 blade fans. This increased the air flow and helped maintain the air screen. Next, we replaced the remote compressor with a larger, low temperature compressor and corresponding TXV using R-507 refrigerant. The water-cooled condenser was acid-cleaned and deemed to have adequate capacity for this system.

There was an HVAC supply air grille located above the case. We redirected this airstream so it would not interfere with the case air screen. A Honeywell electronic thermostat was installed to control the temperature and off-cycle defrost. The sensor was a NEMA4X installed in the return air of the case.

The basic operation of the modified case was to start-up the refrigeration at 5:00 am each morning of use. This would ensure the case was ready to load with product by 7:00 am. The local thermostat was locked in to maintain 70°F during these hours.

The case continued to operate in refrigeration mode until 3 PM each day. It would then cycle off and the related ice would melt off the evaporator coil. The fans operated continuously. The chefs knew the timeline of operation and made sure the case was unloaded each day by 3 PM.

This modified case has been inspected by the local health department for many years without 1 write-up. It continues to provide a useful point of sale display for the cafeteria.

Good engineering and a thorough project work scope by Commercial refrigeration guide provided many additional years of use and profitability for this refrigerated display case. Our ability to look at the scope of the project and generate alternative solutions saved our client the trouble of finding and fitting a new unit into their space.

Best photo booth rental Naperville

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Keep Your Hardwood Floors Beautiful with Wax

Hardwood floors are an investment. Keeping them beautiful requires a bit of maintenance on your part, including regular waxing. With the right materials and techniques, you can keep your hardwood floors looking like new for years to come.


Wax Basics

Walk up and down the cleaning aisle of your local big box or home improvement store, and you will see many choices when it comes to your hardwood floors. Wax is the best choice when it comes to sealing and protecting your wood. There are two types of wax for unvarnished hardwood floors; which you choose depends solely on your personal preference. If your floors have already been varnished or sealed, choose a liquid polish instead of a wax.

Solid Paste

Solid paste wax is often found in a can or plastic tub, much like the wax you apply to your vehicle. This type of wax is an excellent choice for unvarnished hardwood floors and is best applied by hand.

Grab an old T-shirt or other lint-free cloth. Run the cloth under your faucet and wring it so that it feels almost dry to the touch. Dip a corner of the cloth into the wax and apply it lightly over your floor. Move your cloth in small circles, applying a thin, even coating. Let the wax dry to a cloudy finish, and buff your floor with a clean towel.

Liquid Wax

If you would prefer to use a sponge mop instead of getting on your hands and knees, liquid wax is the right choice. In most cases, liquid wax can be squirted directly onto an unvarnished hardwood floor and spread into an even layer with a dampened sponge mop. Alternatively, you can squeeze a small amount of liquid wax onto your mop’s head and then spread it on the floor.

Apply the wax in a thin layer, covering the entire floor. Allow the wax to dry to a hazy finish. Cover the head of your sponge mop with a dry, lint-free towel, and “mop” the floor to a shine. For best results, remove the towel from the mop, fold it or adjust it so that you are working with a clean section, and re-attach it to the mop’s head. Continue buffing in this manner until the entire floor shines.


Unlike wax, polish is applied to sealed floors to help maintain a shine. Pour a bit of polish onto both your floor and onto a lint-free cloth or sponge mop. Spread the polish over your floor in a thin, even layer and allow it to dry. Buff the floor with a clean, dry, lint-free towel. The key to using polish properly is applying several thin coats, particularly to high-traffic areas. Three coats are typically sufficient for most floors.

It does not make sense to invest your money in hardwood floors if you do not plan on maintaining them. Floors need to be waxed once or twice yearly, on average. When your floor refused to hold a shine after you clean it, it is time to wax or polish your flooring charlotte nc.

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Choosing from Hot Tub or Spa

If you’ve been considering purchasing a hot tub or swim spa, you may be surprised to learn how many different options are available. As the medical community continues to discover the many health benefits that a person can derive from a 15 to 20 minute soak, their popularity has continued to rise. And as their popularity increases, so do the options and types of hot tubs, regardless of your price range.

In the past, the limited variety of hot tubs were considered an extravagance that only the wealthy could afford. Fortunately for us today, prices have become very reasonable and the options that are available will accommodate any taste and or budget.

When they first came on the market, hot tubs were either built into the ground, typically with a swimming pool or they were enormous, bulky units that required a lot of room to fit into your home or on your deck or patio. Today there are many new options that you may not even be aware of because at one time, the average American simply could not afford the expense of the unit itself, not to mention the operating cost and maintenance.

Today the options for hot tubs are numerous and range from size, style and add ons to how much space is needed! It is still popular to include a spa with a built in swimming pool and with the different designs and decorations that can be added to make the area unique, the sky is truly, the limit.