Simple focus on Sim Only Subscriptions, why do they choose this strategy and what can you do about it?

It has long been known that the provider Simpel would stop offering prepaid SIM cards. As of 1 August 2019, Simpel’s focus was entirely on the beste SIM only subscriptions. Why Simpel has decided this we will explain further in this article.

Prepaid less attractive

In recent years, Sim Only subscriptions have become increasingly popular in the Netherlands. This is (partly) because the prices of sim only’s are a lot cheaper. And this is especially suitable for people who make a lot of use of telephony, SMS or internet on their mobile. Also at Simpel it was very clear that there was less and less demand for prepaid SIM cards. Since 1 August 2019 it is no longer possible for prepaid users to make or receive calls. On the Simpel website they let it be known that the choice to stop using prepaid SIM cards is relatively cheaper for their customers.

Simpel.Sim Only is cheaper

The current Simpel sim-only subscriptions are available from 2.50 p/month. For the customers this is relatively much cheaper than prepaid. According to the provider, many prepaid users have switched to a Simple Simple only subscription. Are you also curious about the subscriptions of Simpel? Have a look at our Simple page for all sim only’s of this provider.

The advantages of a Simple Simple only

Earlier this year we compared the Sim only offer of Simpel with that of Simyo. The comparison can be viewed on this page for people who are considering taking out a sim only subscription. The main advantages of a Simple subscription are:

  • Free number portability when switching from Prepaid to Sim only subscription
  • Ability to set a ceiling, giving you even more control over your costs
  • All Simpel sim only subscriptions have 4G internet with download speeds of 75Mbps.

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